Top 10 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life

By NutraChamps

Jun 24

If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of podcasting, you’re missing out.

Podcasts while keeping you informed on things you enjoy, can also change your life (yes, I’m serious). A great podcast can open up your perspective and inspire you to do things whether you’re outdoorsy, into politics, into sports, or self-care, you will be able to learn and grow from podcasts — and we’ve curated the best ones for you! 

Here are my top 10 podcasts that have made a huge impact on my life, in no particular order:

Still Processing

Host/s: Jenna Wortham, who works for the New York Times Magazine, & Wesley Morris, the paper’s critic at large + guests

Length: 30 mins – 90 mins

Topics: This podcast stretches beyond books, films, music, theatre, and art – they recently took a break from podcasting and are now back. They want each episode to help listeners gain some perspective on the current moment, to better get to grips with the enormity of a particular topic or situation.


Host/s: Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books.

Length: 30 mins – 60 mins

Topics: This podcast features things you always thought you knew and things you never thought you wanted to know. Guest stars: Nobel laureates and provocateurs, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, and various other underachievers. Topics vary from: “Does anyone really know what Socialism is?” to “The Zero Minute Workout”. Super interesting stuff!

The Daily

Host/s: Michael Barbaro and powered by New York Times journalism

Length: 20 mins – five days a week

Topics: Quick snippets of news – The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world. When I don’t have time to watch the news (I tend to go down the rabbit hole and I watch for hours!), I will listen to this if in the car, on a walk, or while doing mindless work/chores at home. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

Host/s: Tim Ferriss (a self-experimenter & author of books like The 4-hour Workweek) + guests

Length: 30 mins – 90 mins

Topics: What does he not cover?! His newsletter even requests topics and guests, and I’m positive he does whatever he can to get those guests on his podcast. My favorite topics he has covered are: Investing, Psychedelics, Biohacking, Meditation, and his “Books I’ve Loved” segment.

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Host/s: Tom Bilyeu + guests

Length: 30 mins – 60 mins

Topics: Bilyeu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition. Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success. He is known for his passion and preparation and reminds me a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk. Bilyeu digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to immediate use, making the show not only entertaining but also hyper-useful. On top of that, Lisa Bilyeu, his wife, has a great podcast called, “Women of Impact” which I also love. I prefer her IG live chats a bit more than her podcast, though.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Host/s: Jay Shetty + guests

Length: 60 mins – 90 mins

Topics: Shetty has a cool past, going from Monk to Self-Help Guru. He covers topics ranging from Work, Love, Self-care, and Service. He has had some incredible guests on his show, such as the late Kobe Bryant, Dr.Joe Dispenza, and James Altucher.

NPR (National Public Radio)

Host/s: Varies depending on the Podcast

Length: 20 mins – 90 mins

Topics: An American privately and publicly funded non-profit media organization based in Washington, D.C. It was established by an act of Congress and most of its member stations are owned by government entities (often public universities). NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming. They are known for their shows Morning Edition and All Things Considered, attracting an audience of over 14 million listeners per week respectively! My favorite NPR podcasts are It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders and Code Switch; both are full of fearless conversations about race, politics, pop culture, and more.

Align Podcast

Host/s: Aaron Alexander + Guests

Length: 60 mins

Topics: Alexander brings together the world’s top thought leaders on all things health and wellness to share their views on living optimally. To me, he seems like a perfect balance between weightlifter, spiritualist, and self-learner. He practices what he preaches, which is important coming from a Personal Training background. Lastly, he has a very contagious laugh!

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Host/s: Brené Brown + guests

Length: 30 mins solo / 60-75 mins with a guest

Topics: One of my favorite podcasts! Brown spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives. She has studied shame and vulnerability and understands our need for connection. She encourages conversation on and off the mic. Although she is an expert in her field, she is constantly learning something new in every episode and has had incredible guest speakers on her podcast, even though it is pretty new!

Almost 30

Host/s: Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik

Length: 45 mins – 90 mins – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Topics: This podcast is full of honest and inspiring conversations about wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship, self-development, and more. Williams and Simcik created the podcast to transition them from their 20s to their 30s, but they realized how much their podcast meant to them and kept it going! They both came from jobs they did not enjoy, and have found a new community full of conscious, purpose-driven dreamers.

Now I’d like to hear from you! What are some of your favorite podcasts? What attracts you to a podcast? I find I learn a lot in the 30-90 minutes I have to listen to a podcast (or 2 or 3…). I had fun compiling this list, and I’m listening to so many more podcasts than I can list, but these are the top 10 podcasts that have made a big impact on my life in the past year or so, and I hope they make an impact on you as well. 



Chelsea Pineiro

Chelsea has been active most of her life, which led her to become a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor for the past 7 years. Health and Fitness is not solely dependent on movement, though, and with that understanding, she addresses her client’s other needs, such as diet, mindfulness, and stress management. Having a past of disordered eating and over-exercising, she understands the trials and tribulations many clients go through when transitioning from a strict diet mindset to moderation.

When she is not training clients or teaching Yoga, she is finding new activities that keep her mind and body active, such as rock climbing, hiking, listening to podcasts, or playing Board Games with friends. She is constantly working towards: Finding natural solutions to live as long as possible, inclusive Yoga for all body types, and aiming to find mindfulness is everything she does.




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