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Natural Ways to Gently Detox Your Body

The human body is capable of some incredible things, detoxification being one of them. Different organs in the body play a role in the detox process, including our liver, kidneys, and skin. Sometimes, we get in our own way of supporting the natural detoxification processes that need to occur by burdening our bodies with loads […]

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Optimize The Four Phases of Your Cycle With These Foods and Supplements!

Much like the Earth’s changing seasons, a woman’s body goes through different cycles throughout most of her lifetime. When a woman first gets her period, this is the start of a long journey of many changes a woman’s body will go through. Every month, a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy, and if pregnancy does not […]

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What Does it Mean to Heal, Holistically?

As a species, how we relate to optimal health & wellness is constantly changing and evolving. In the last couple of centuries, Western medicine has put a majority of effort and focus towards treating symptoms within humans, instead of the root cause. There are a number of factors as to why this is, but nonetheless, […]

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Breaking the Cycle: Overcoming Emotional Eating with Mindful Practices

In today’s modern era, many people struggle with emotional eating. It has become a very common habit and coping mechanism. Emotional eating involves eating food not because of hunger, but due to emotional fluctuations. These emotional triggers may be stress, anxiety or just boredom.  Now if you are wondering why emotional eating is considered as […]

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Embrace Your Inner Warrior With the Amazing Benefits of Maca!

Maca is a root vegetable that has made its way over to North American supplements and wellness powders for its amazing benefits. Although it’s becoming more popular, this powerful plant is nothing new to Peruvians. In fact, it has a history of being used for thousands of years, especially within communities who have lived around […]

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Five Ways to Support Your Vision and Eye Health

Vision is one of the most important aspects of our human experience, yet one that we can often take for granted. Seeing the world around us, our loved ones and ourselves is one of the greatest gifts. So many of us don’t realize what goes into the process of seeing and what our eyes are […]

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5 Ways Being Outdoors Supports Our Health

We live in a world where most of our lives revolve around being indoors more than outdoors. While staying inside has its conveniences and benefits, there are impacts. As humans who evolved from living amongst the outdoor elements, we are deprived of nature and being outside. It’s a no-brainer that going into nature, whether in […]

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Why Ditching Alcohol Is Becoming More Popular

Growing up as kids, lots of us witnessed our parents and the young adults in our lives indulging in alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, or various other forms of liquor. People would gather for family events, social events, or even sporting events and drinking would be involved. For thousands of years, humans have been […]

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7 Incredible and Easy Protein Packed Breakfast Recipes!

Do you struggle to come up with breakfast ideas to keep you satiated and full? Are you looking for an energy boost from the food you’re eating in the morning rather than feeling lethargic and bogged down? Well look no further, we’ve compiled 7 delicious protein-packed breakfast recipes which are healthy and satisfying. Eating enough […]

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How to Take Care of Your Dry Skin in the Winter Months

Our skin plays an important role in the body, and is by far is the largest organ we have. Not only does our skin protect the body from germs and regulates our body temperature, but it also provides us with sensation. Some of the sensations our skin allows us to feel on a daily basis […]

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