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Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Springtime is on the horizon and so many of us are feeling ready for a brand new season and a fresh start. Around the globe, the term “spring cleaning” is one that many of us are familiar with. It is with the onset of spring that we begin to declutter our homes, organize our cabinets, […]

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Mindfulness Activities For Kids

Although many of us adults have taken a step back to reassess mindfulness during the Pandemic, we can’t say it’s been the same for children. In fact, many of us were simply trying to find ways to keep our children occupied. Perhaps some of us tried to convince our children that nothing had really changed […]

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Daily Meditation in 5 Easy Steps

It’s taken years to convince myself to do meditation on a daily basis. I would make up excuses like, “I don’t have enough time,” or “I don’t know how to shut off my thoughts,” so what’s the point?! As if the benefits of meditation weren’t enough, specifically its effects on depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. […]

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