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Are you experiencing knee pain?

Sometimes, this pain is known as Runner’s Knee. But what about those of us who don’t run and still feel knee pain? It’s more common than you think. Today we’ll explore what it could be! The knee is a pretty intricate part of the human body. According to Summit health, “The knee joint is a […]

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Finding relief from migraines

The pain of a migraine is sometimes unbearable.  It’s hard to explain what these feel like to someone who doesn’t get them.  That’s my goal for today. I want to take you through what you may experience when you get a migraine, how you can nip it in the bud or avoid it from progressing, and […]

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Simple Stretches to do while you work

Have you been sitting all morning, so far? Having gone from an active job where I’m standing all day and helping others move, I’m still struggling to adjust to this new “sedentary” lifestyle.  But just because you sit at a desk all day does not mean you need to give up the mobility (even if […]

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Improve your Eye Health with these 4 Easy steps

When it comes to our eyes, we tend to be more reactive, in that we pay attention once there is already a problem, rather than proactively aiming to have healthier eyes. The technology is already out there: glasses. If we have eye issues, it’s most likely a decline or loss of eyesight. This can certainly […]

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