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Can Sound Help Us Heal?

Have you noticed just how powerful music really is? Songs and sound have the ability to entice emotion within us. For instance, when you put on your favourite song, do you suddenly start to shift from feeling down to feeling good? What about when you listen to a touching song? Do you feel chills in […]

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5 Great Stress Management Techniques!

April is stress awareness month! The perfect time to reset & reflect on ways to better manage and deal with daily stressors that impact so many of us. Stress is unavoidable, whether it’s a deadline at work, financial concerns, or family drama, we all deal with stress every now and again. The point isn’t to […]

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DIY: Create your own Self-Soothing Kit!

Sounds weird, right? Let me explain, and then you can decide! Over the work-from-home period, I decided to join a group therapy course. We were taught new ways to better handle/cope with our mental health. A lot of the information we were given were things I had already discussed and gone over with my therapist. […]

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Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

How do you speak to yourself when no one else is around? Are you feeding yourself with kind words, encouragement, and acceptance? Or do you put yourself down, make yourself feel small, and doubt your choices? It can be tough to always be kind to ourselves. Especially in a world where we are constantly being […]

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