Jenn Choi

    Ginseng Comeback

    Does anyone else feel like ginseng is making a comeback? I remember back in the early 2000s when suddenly “ginseng” was popping up in everything from Arizona Ice Tea to energy drinks and caffeine shots. It was this mysterious energy booster from the orient that was so trendy to put on labels. Well, last year […]

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    Maca for Dessert?!

    Oh, Maca – the mystical superfood you see in many healthy latte and dessert recipes. But what is it really? Is it like cocoa? Does it taste sweet? Let’s find out! Here are some interesting facts about the mighty Maca* Maca grows exclusively in Peru at very high elevations! It is known as “Peruvian Ginseng” […]

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    Supplement Haul For My Husband!

    One of my main love languages as a wife is definitely “acts of service” and one way that I demonstrate that at home is to make sure I am taking care of my husband and doggies. A big part of that has become maintaining their health and wellness 🌟 I saw that NutraChamps had a […]

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    Quick & Easy Papaya Guava Chia Granita

    Papaya Guava Chia Granita… sounds delicious, right? Spring is officially here and all I can think about are the HOT and SUNNY summer days approaching. Ever since David and I just moved from the Pacific Northwest to Texas I wanted to come up with a healthy and refreshing snack/dessert for when I crave sweets while dealing with this southern […]

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    “Self-Care” With Intention

    “Are you living a life you constantly want to escape from?”  I was asked this question a while ago when I reposted a quote on my Social Media… This was my response. As a growth-oriented person, I don’t see current circumstances as weights that should hold me underwater, and furthermore, I do my best to […]

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