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Stephanie's holistic journey began when she and her sons overcame chronic illness through the use of holistic medicine! Now, healthier in her 40's than she was in her 20's, Stephanie has an international homeopathic medicine practice, seeing patients over video chat from her home in West Palm Beach, FL. While Stephanie manages a broad range of chronic illnesses, she has acquired special homeopathic training for children with Autism, Lyme Disease, PANDAS/PANS, and many other special needs and chronic childhood illnesses. In her writing, as in her homeopathy practice, Stephanie draws on her life and academic experiences in holistic and western medicine. In addition to her professional homeopathy training, she has a B.S. degree in nutrition and has worked within the nutritional-supplement industry. She also has experience working for the pharmaceutical industry in the past - an experience which has allowed her to develop an awareness of not only pathology and disease as viewed by modern medicine, but also the inner-workings of the pharmaceutical industry. It is Stephanie's life purpose to inspire others to realize that we don't have to live in a chronically ill state, and that wellness is highly attainable through holistic living!