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How Do You Define Movement?

There have been a few clients and prospective clients that I have spoken with that are frustrated with themselves because they have the desire to begin a fitness regimen, but report that they lack the time and ability to make fitness a priority.  When I hear this, it makes me first question the client on […]

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How to Get Good Quality Sleep

We’ve gained an hour of sleep as the clocks go back by an hour with daylight saving time coming to an end. Basically, this is the only night we gain an hour of sleep, and even that may not be enough for us. But why? Why are we losing more and more quality sleep? Why […]

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7 Natural Ways To Kick The Common Cold

It’s that time of year again: the ground is snowy, the air is crisp, and the people are…sick. It seems that you and everyone you know is experiencing the dreaded symptoms of the common cold: congestion, sneezing, coughing, and a little red nose from the constant tissue action. So to curb your couch time, we’ve come up with seven ways you can kick the sick and get back to optimal health.

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