5 Superstar Beans to Eat for Better Health

Small but mighty, the versatile bean comes in so many different varieties with multiple ways to prepare and enjoy them. Beans might not have the most appeal just from the sight of them, but used in the right ways they’re a powerhouse for nutrition, plant-protein, and fiber..they’re also delicious!

Blue zones from around the world, where centenarians are located (the longest living people) all share a common trait, they eat a good amount of legumes! Beans do so much good for the body since they’re loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. They’re such a great addition to soups, stews, rice, dips, and so much more!

In this article we are going to tell you about 5 different types of beans that pack a powerful punch. 


Also known as garbanzo beans, the Egyptian pea, or chana this little guy is a complete protein! Chickpeas contain all 9 amino acids we need for our bodies to thrive, perfect for vegans and vegetarians. 

They’re also packed with fiber, just one cup contains 12.5 grams which is half of the total intake recommended for women. 

Chickpeas contain folate, B vitamins, and plenty of minerals such as copper, magnesium, and iron as well!

Some of the best ways to enjoy chickpeas is by making some homemade hummus, adding them to curries, or even throwing them into a smoothie!

Black beans

You might enjoy a healthy scoop of black beans in your chipotle order and we don’t blame you! They’re delicious and nutritious.

Black beans are rich in antioxidants which help to fight off free radicals in the body which can lead to diseases and ailments. 

Another great benefit of black beans is that they don’t spike blood sugar levels. Although they are quite high in carbohydrates, they take some time to digest and are low on the glycemic index. 

Lupini beans

These beans are extremely high in protein! So much so that per 100 grams they contain even more protein than chicken, beef, and salmon..40 whopping grams to be exact!

Another notable mention of lupini beans is just how much fiber they have in them! Not only does this keep things “moving” but it also benefits cardiovascular health. 

Lupini beans have also been shown to lower cholesterol and promote the growth of better bacteria for gut health!

Edamame beans

These vibrant green beans are basically a superfood because of just how many benefits it hosts! Edamame is a complete protein, contains omega 3’s, and a particular antioxidant called isoflavones which has been shown to lower the risk of cancer and osteoporosis.

Edamame can also help to lower inflammation in the body. This bean contains choline, which is a nutrient that does wonders for the brain and helps with a healthy sleep, muscle movement, memory, and more!

Mung beans

Native to India and later spreading to parts of southeast Asia, mung beans are popular for the plethora of benefits that they provide. 

Not only are mung beans rich in powerful antioxidants but they also contain high levels of potassium, magnesium, and fiber which may help to reduce blood pressure.

Mung beans are also super rich in folate, which is a an essential vitamin for women, especially during pregnancy! 

To wrap things up, while these are only a few of the many types of beans that exist out there, it’s a great place to start! If you’re not used to eating beans and legumes, start small and work your way up. Your body might not be used to consuming as much fiber as beans have so you should drink lots of water accompanying your bean intake. Add any of these beans to salads, stews, soups, curries, and wraps and you’ll be on your way!

We would love to know what kind of bean is your favorite and why. Let us know by commenting on this blog post!


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