Julian Riley

    Julian Riley loves writing about exciting advances in health, nutrition, and wellness. In her free time, she likes accomplishing adult coloring books, cycling — and, when it's safe — going to the theater.

    5 Plant-Based Whole Grain Recipes to Try

    Plant-based diets are renowned for their health benefits. To illustrate, a recent Diabetologia study shows that consuming foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help prevent diabetes. That said, it’s easy to incorporate plant-based meals into your diet. You can follow recipes by notable Vegan YouTubers like Pick Up Limes—who feature plant-based recipes that […]

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    Why Postbiotics Are the Next Big Thing in Digestive Health

    When vaccines first started rolling out across the globe, the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief, assuming the pandemic would soon be over. Due to hesitancy and shortages, however, the virus had room to mutate. Today, with Delta running rampant, it’s become more important than ever to prepare for the worst-case scenario by bolstering […]

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