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Simple Ways to Get In More Movement Throughout the Day

We all know the importance of exercise nowadays we’re hearing it more than ever from everyone involved in the wellness field. Moving our body has numerous benefits, from improving brain health, managing weight, strengthening bones, and much more! One common obstacle that people tend to run into when setting out on a fitness goal or […]

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What is Exercise Snacking?

From reading the title of this blog post, you might just be thinking, “does this actually mean I can have a snack while I am working out? I’m in!” Well, we are sorry to disappoint but there is actually no eating involved in this concept of exercise. This fitness trend involves a short bursts of […]

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The 7 Best Benefits of Walking

What if we told you that something you do on a daily basis has the potential to change your life and the way you feel just by putting a little bit more time and effort into it? Well, that thing we’re talking about is walking! Ever since we were able to at a young age, […]

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The Importance of Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

Have you noticed that particular daily activities such as sneezing, coughing, running, or laughing end up resulting in leaking a little bit of urine? As a man, do you have a harder time maintaining erections? As a woman, has sexual intercourse become painful and uncomfortable? These symptoms can all be a result of a variety […]

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Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Springtime is on the horizon and so many of us are feeling ready for a brand new season and a fresh start. Around the globe, the term “spring cleaning” is one that many of us are familiar with. It is with the onset of spring that we begin to declutter our homes, organize our cabinets, […]

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Favorite Yoga Streaming Apps

Are you getting bored of your workout routine? Are you looking for something new that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet? I’ve tried out a few online yoga platforms so that you don’t have to! But trust me, you’ll want to try these ones out for yourself! 😉 Before you get started on these apps, […]

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