Simple Ways to Get In More Movement Throughout the Day

We all know the importance of exercise nowadays we’re hearing it more than ever from everyone involved in the wellness field. Moving our body has numerous benefits, from improving brain health, managing weight, strengthening bones, and much more! One common obstacle that people tend to run into when setting out on a fitness goal or journey is time. Between balancing work, a social life, errands, and all of life’s responsibilities many people struggle to find an hour or two for working out. What if we told you that there are plenty of simple ways to get your body moving throughout your busy day and still achieve some great benefits?

In this article we’re going to share some of the simplest ways to get your body moving and fit it into your busy lifestyle no matter what!

Making time for movement

Turn cleaning into a cardio session

Tidying up can feel like a chore and a bore, but what if you made it fun and more active? Cleaning doesn’t have to suck, in fact it can be a great way to get in some movement. Next time you’re cleaning up your place, put on some of your favorite hype tunes and move your body in different ways. Put on a timer of 30 minutes and move quickly to see just how fast you can get things tidied up. We won’t blame you if you break into song and dance during dusting! 

Have a dance party

Sometimes you just need to dance it out! Who says you have to wait to go to the club or the next party to start dancing? Sometimes it’s just about putting the tunes on in your room and dancing your own heart out. Dancing is a great form of exercise! Not only does it burn off calories but it can also increase muscle strength and stamina, improve flexibility, reduce depression, and so much more!

Take the stairs at work

How often do you opt for the elevator or escalator instead of taking the stairs? Stair climbing is such a great way to get the heart rate up! Whether it’s in your office building, condo, or anywhere else..taking the stairs is a fantastic way to add in some extra movement.

Do some squats or lunges while watching TV

Is Netflix or tuning into your favorite show a non-negotiable for you? Well, why not break out in a little sweat during that time? Instead of sitting on the couch for the entire duration of the show, you can challenge yourself to watch while doing some squats or lunges. 

Get an under the desk treadmill

Did you know that more and more people who work remotely are setting up a treadmill work station? It might sound a little silly at first but it’s actually a really cool way to move while you work! One great way to incorporate the treadmill is to just walk during your meetings. It might take some time to get used to but if you work by your computer all day and already have a standing desk, this could be something beneficial to try out. We recommend checking out this article by Garage Gym Reviews for even more information on it:

Getting in more movement doesn’t have to be a jarring task, the whole point is that you should have more fun with it. By taking short moments throughout the day to sneak in some time to move, it will add up to feeling great in a big way! 

Do you have a favorite way to move your body? Let us know in our comments what other tips have worked for you!


Alexia Palmeri

Alexia Palmeri is a 28-year-old personal development enthusiast! She looks at life experiences as an opportunity to always learn and grow. Alexia is also a broadcast journalism graduate with a passion and knack for communications and media. She is always on the lookout for new trends on social media and keeps up to date with what's happening in the world. In her free time, Alexia enjoys socializing with family and loved ones, being in nature, cooking nourishing meals, and discovering new places to dine and adventure!

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