5 Reasons Why you Should be Consuming More Garlic

Garlic has been used for thousands of years by people all around the world. This herb is mostly known for its potent flavor! Nowadays, almost every culture continues to utilize garlic in cooking as well as in homeopathic medicine. Great taste isn’t the only thing that garlic has to offer, it also has a multitude of health benefits that we can all use a little more of in our lives. In this blog post, we’re going to give you 5 reasons why you should be consuming more garlic and what it can do for your wellbeing! 

Garlic can prevent colds and flus:

There are a number of reasons why garlic is fantastic for the immune system! Studies have shown that raw garlic is anti-microbal and fights viruses. Some say garlic can even support fevers since it is a diaphoretic, which can induce heat in the body.

Studies also show that garlic supplements can be used to prevent and treat upper respiratory infections.

The chemical compound found within garlic called allicin is has been known to provide the body with many benefits including preventing certain cancers, lowering blood sugar, and protecting against infections. There are a number of other elements in garlic that have also been shown to limit the viral load although researchers aren’t quite sure how they may do this. 

Athletic performance may be improved with garlic:

The first records of ancient olympic games date back quite far, to 776 BC to be exact. Garlic was a staple in the diet of ancient greek athletes for its, “performance enhancing abilities.” Garlic releases nitric oxide which helps with blood flow and supplies oxygen to working muscles.

Garlic may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol:

Studies show that garlic supplements actually have an effect on blood pressure. It is even similar in comparison to anti-hypertensive medications! Cholesterol is also impacted by garlic in a positive way, science has proved it! LDL, which is also known as “bad cholesterol” is what’s lowered through the use of garlic. Not much research has found an impact on HDL, “good cholesterol.” It’s important to have high cholesterol under control because too much of it could make your vessels develop fatty deposits. When these deposits grow there is a higher chance for heart attack or stroke to occur. 

It can provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits:

Antioxidants are compounds that fight free radicals. An abundant amount of free radicals in the body can damage cells which can result in diseases in the body. We are lucky enough to live on a planet where we have so many fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods that contain antioxidants and vitamins that can help keep our cells and body happy! Garlic is a great example of a herb that contains a numerous amount of health benefits, antioxidants being one of them! Arthritis.org praises garlic for its inflammation eliminating compound, diallyl disulfide which can supposedly help with cartilage damage from arthritis. 

It’s low in calories and rich in vitamins:

You’d be surprised at the nutritious punch garlic packs for the size they are! A single clove of garlic is only 4 calories, yet contains a slew of vitamins including Maganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Fiber! 

NutraChamps garlic supplement

One amazing way to reap all of the incredible benefits of garlic is through supplementation! Our NutraChamps garlic supplement is odorless (so you don’t need to worry about the bad breath), and it also contains parsley and chlorophyll! Both of these additives are all-natural, detoxifying, and immune-boosting! Another cool feature about our garlic supplement is that it contains aged black garlic. When garlic is aged and fermented it actually creates additional nutrients as well as enhanced benefits. This supplement is perfect to take going into cold & flu season because your immune system will feel amazing! 






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