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When we think about wellness as a whole, oftentimes sexual wellness isn’t the first thing that comes to our minds. For years, sex wasn’t talked about openly, even though sexual health is an important aspect in many of our lives. Now that the topic of sexual wellness is becoming more mainstream, more and more people are looking to learn what they can. Many studies have shown that the quality of your sex drive can directly correlate with your overall wellbeing. Let’s be real, when you’re feeling good chances are you’re more likely to be in the mood.

So the question is, are there things that we can do to help improve our sex lives that can actually make a difference? Whether you’re riding solo or partnered up we’re going to answer that for you in this blog by sharing some of the best tips for sexual wellness! 

How does a sex drive work?

Is there a such thing as a “normal libido?” – the answer is not really. The thing is, everyone’s sex drive varies depending on a number of factors. How libido actually works comes down to some basic biological factors. Here is something you might be interested to know, healthy and enjoyable sex involves a mind-body connection. Positive emotions can influence excitement and physical pleasure whereas negative emotions can result in feeling less present and not enjoying the experience as much as you could. 

So since we know emotions are a factor in our sex drives, what are some of the other reasons for low libido?

Some common causes for a low sex drive include:

  • Relationship issues
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Certain types of medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Hormonal contraception

These are just some of the more common reasons you could be experiencing low libido, but there are also a number of other reasons, such as the season of life you may currently be in.

Knowing that there is a variety of factors that can affect libido, are there ways to boost and take control of your sex drive? Absolutely! Keep reading to find out some of our best tips.

Sexual wellness tips: 

  • Do your research:

Lack of information around sexual education and wellness can be a big barrier between you and the sex life you desire. For those who grew up in households where sex was viewed as “shameful” or “taboo” to speak about, there could be a lot of guilt around actually enjoying sex. If you’re looking to be more connected in your sex life whether it be in a relationship or solo, it’s a great idea to read educational books, articles, or even speak to a professional about the matter!

Some book recommendations that can help you enrich your sex life include: “Come as You Are- The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life” by Emily Nagoski which has over 6,000 reviews on Amazon! Another one is “She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman” by Ian Kerner. 

  • Get more comfortable with your body

Every single body is built differently and has different needs. One of the absolute best ways you can improve your sexual wellness is by getting more comfortable with your body. By exploring and understanding how your body works and what turns you on, you can actually discover new avenues of pleasure. Some people’s sex lives are also affected by insecurities they might feel about different parts of their body. This can absolutely get in the way of a potentially thriving sex life.

One great tip you can practice to become more comfortable with your body is to stand in front of a mirror naked. Find and admire what makes you unique, what makes you beautiful. By seeing yourself for what and who you are, you will be able to love yourself even more.

  • Communicate

They say that communication is key, and this is especially true when it comes to sex. If you can’t tell someone openly about your personal needs then how do you ever expect to enjoy yourself? Open communication is one of the ultimate ways to improve your sex life! Make sure that you are honest, respectful, and articulate about what’s important to you in the bedroom and beyond. This will not only strengthen intimacy, but also provide you with even more pleasure.

  • Be mindful of your nutrition 

Did you know that certain foods can impact your sex drive and are known as an “aphrodisiac?” In general, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of overall wellness and here are some specific foods you can eat that go hand in hand with a healthy sex drive.

  • Oysters
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocados

It’s important to remember to stay away from certain foods that might cause you to have bloating, gas, or an upset stomach as this can also get in the way when engaging in sexual intercourse. You want to feel as comfortable as possible so eating what makes you feel good is always the best route!

  • Stay active

We all know that moving our bodies is vital for good health, but is it something that can help with our sex drives too? The answer is yes! Research has shown that both men and women get an increase of testosterone while working out which is a hormone that definitely impacts libido. Another reason why regularly exercising can impact sexual wellness is because it generally just makes you feel better all around! Most people notice a decrease in stress, improved mental health, and increased confidence by making movement a daily part of their routine.

  • Try out natural herbs and supplements

Did you know that there are certain supplements and herbs that have been shown to improve libido and sexual function? Sometimes we can use a little support to get things going and improve our sexual wellness from the inside out! Here are some NutraChamps supplements we recommend that are great for supporting libido:

  • L-Arginine: This supplement is an amino acid that the body uses to make proteins. It helps contribute to nitric oxide levels which impact blood flow in the body. Nitric oxide makes it easier for blood to flow towards genitals which helps arousal and sensations. 
  • Ginseng: This herb has been used for thousands of years and originates from Asia. Ginseng has been used to aid a number of health issues such as fatigue, abnormal blood pressure, and even low libido! By taking ginseng you will feel more energized and active. 
  • Maca: This plant has been used in Peru for thousands of years as a medicine and food. Studies have shown that women experiencing sexual dysfunction from antidepressants saw a significant improvement in libido by taking this supplement. Maca can also help with fertility!
  • Horny Goat Weed: The name is a bit of a giveaway as to what it does, this herb has been a traditional remedy used in China for thousands of years. There is some evidence supporting that horny goat weed can be used for erectile dysfunction and can also improve libido. 

Like most things in health and wellness, if we take action to make better choices, do more research, and take care of ourselves then our wellbeing can improve. Sexual wellness is really no different than any other aspect of wellness when it comes down to practicing the basics. Eat well, move your body, do more of what makes you happy, communicate, and put your needs first – your sex life will thank you for it!


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